Empowering change

Happy You Personal Development Facilitation is aimed at helping individuals and groups realise and maximise their potential. We deliver workshops which, through activities, challenges and discussion will encourage and inspire participants to reflect on behaviours and deep-seated behaviours. 

In our engaging tailor-made sessions, we share tools, techniques and ideas which participants can utilise to enhance their experience at work, at home, in relationships, in fact - in all aspects of life.   
Assess their qualities, recognise weaknesses and develop strengths. We foster improved communication, goal setting, confidence building and personal empowerment. 

Our facilitator Ruth has 30 years of experience (although you’d never know because she doesn’t look old enough to even BE 30, let alone have been changing lives for that long) working to help people expand their capabilities and broaden their horizons. She is dynamic and passionate about enabling others to strive for their person best, which is evident in her huge energy and compelling influence. 

If you would like to discuss specific areas that you and/or your team would like to develop, please get in touch for a consultation! 

"Ruth Carraway has an amazing and bubbly personality. I personally think having Ruth as a facilitator is absolutely great, her people skills and also her ability to make people feel so welcome and push them to learn new things to grow as individuals made my time during the Great Scott Course 100% better."